Teenager plays Pokemon Go outside and ends up finding dead body

This is horrible. Pokémon Go is popular among the gamer population just now – very popular. As such, it has hundreds of thousands of excited fans hunting around neighborhoods, towns, and even cities in search of Pokémon, to “collect ’em all.” Or trying to, at least. Someone was doing just that, but they found something far, far worse instead. A dead body … Read more

Pokémon Go’s Launch is turning out to be a Disaster

Pokémon Go was announced in early September last year, and fans have been eagerly awaiting its release ever since. The game’s objective is simple – collect ’em all. The concept, however, is genius. You’ll be heading outside and searching for Pokémon high and low, navigating via a map of your immediate area on the game-screen itself. … Read more

Here’s how Pokemon Go is sending a lot of people to church

Pokémon Go has been in the news for various reasons like battery draining and trespassing warnings from police stations since its launch earlier this month. Now players have discovered that the game is trying to send them to the church, and it’s definitely awkward for the non-religious people. More than half of the landmarks of Pokémon Go are … Read more

Pokemon Go Players Have Already Found A Major Issue With The Game

Image: The Pokemon Company The much anticipated mobile game Pokémon GO has already released in Australia and New Zealand. The game is definitely a good one to play, but one thing that has troubled the players is its battery consumption. The game has been accused of draining a whole lot of phone battery. The main reason of … Read more

First Official Screenshots Of Pokemon GO Released

Screenshots of Pokemon GO, a much awaited game for android and iOS devices were officially released yesterday. The game looks extremely balanced for mobile devices in the screenshots although it varies a lot from the concept trailer that was released before. You need to find Pokemon in real world locations and catch them in the game. Once … Read more