The Binding Of Isaac Review

Who would have thought that the team behind (Team Meat, Edward McMillen) 2d platformer Super MeatB0y could be responsible for the grotesque mess that is The Binding of Isaac. A politically incorrect, incoherent and down right inconceivable abomination of a game. Let me elaborate, it’s not a very enjoyable game. Based on the lose scripture of … Read more

Pix The Cat Review

If you, like many PlayStation owners are an active subscriber to PlayStation Plus then you would have been noticed this particular game offered as a free title; from French Studio Pastagames Pix The Cat. This refreshing retro game takes player away from complicated indie games and back to the early years of obsessing over a arcade machine … Read more

PlayStation Plus Members Will Have Access to Battlefield 4 For Week

PlayStation 3 owners that are also PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to Battlefield 4 for a whole week. This will come after an update goes live within the PlayStation Store. Starting today, Battlefield 4 will be completely unlocked in a trial version. Everything will be unlocked for exactly one week after which Battlefield 4 will … Read more

PS1, PS2, and PS4 Games Could Come To PlayStation Now

According to VP of Sony Network Entertainment, Eric Lempel told Game Informer in an interview that PS1, PS2, and PS4 games could come to PlayStation now:”In our plans going forward we’re looking at everything so there’s the real possibility that you’ll see PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 4 titles available.” In the interview, it … Read more

May PlayStation Plus Games Available Now

Today those who are active subscribers to PlayStation Plus will be receiving a number of free video game downloads. We have a list of available video games available for free right now. As always, these games are free for download and will be available for gamers just as long as they continue their active subscription to PlayStation … Read more

Vita Anniversary Sale in PS Plus Update for US on February 25th

In order to commemorate their handheld console, this week Sony is promoting the ‘PS Vita Anniversary Sale’ exclusive to PlayStation Plus members. It gets better, a huge chunk of their games are on sale with up to 75% off for their ‘Back to 2013’ sale. Modnation Racers will be added to the Instant Game Collection … Read more

Sony Reveals PlayStation Plus Titles For February

PlayStation Plus is a service that we highly recommend. Where else can you get up to 5 brand new video game titles each month for free, so long as you pay $50 a year. If you’re still without PlayStation Plus then you may have some incentive to pick it up this February. Today we’re finding … Read more