Pix The Cat Review

If you, like many PlayStation owners are an active subscriber to PlayStation Plus then you would have been noticed this particular game offered as a free title; from French Studio Pastagames Pix The Cat. This refreshing retro game takes player away from complicated indie games and back to the early years of obsessing over a arcade machine with your coins filling up your pockets. There is nothing new about this game, which actually works for it, nowadays games are too complicated and too focused on being different to everything else; not for Pix The Cat. It’s simple, colorful and inexplicably addictive.

The game is based on three simple rules:

  • Collect eggs.
  • Lead ducks into their holes.
  • Go deeper into the machine.

Your goal is to set a new high score, achieved by settling ducks inside their target circles and then moving to the next grid. But here’s the thing, as your score improves you move faster; but as you remember in previous games such as Snake, you can’t crush yourself against the row of ducks behind you. What the cat gains from this nobody knows.

There are various modes as well, from the main grid mode to arcade where there are no threats. However in the main arcade you’ll have ghosts, similar to the ghosts of arcade legend Pacman. This is the amazing thing about Pix The Cat, sweet music, smooth stopping and an overall disco theme; you can’t sing along because there are no lyrics, but you can still bob your head while you pretend you’re a kid again.


Well there is a very decent local mode where you can play locally with other players and compare your score on the retro leader boards. Okay, the trophies? I’ve never seen harder trophies in my existence, all I can say is good luck. But does the novelty wear off? I think as long as you stick to the three rules below, you’ll never put the controller down.

  1. Play with friends with a take away at the hand.
  2. Ignore the trophy system, sorry trophy hunters.
  3. Bob your head where you can.

As Pix The Cat is free this month, I would say that currently it is worth your hard earned cash, otherwise the selling price is  at £9.49. I only have one thing to moan about, where are the Goddamn lyrics!

Already have the game? Let us know what you think!