No More Pirated Games To Play In Two Years: Hacker Group Warns

The old adage that goes something like “Where there are games, there will be piracy” might actually be something placed inside a history book if claims from the Chinese cracking forum 3DM founder are to be taken seriously. The founder made the remarks in the wake of the group’s tryst with the Denuvo security protection … Read more

UK Decriminalized Online Piracy

Looks like those who pirate movies, music or video games, won’t be having to worry too much about the law within the UK. Today it was announced that starting in 2015, the UK government will be changing how they look towards online piracy, giving pirates essentially complete freedom. If you’re in the UK and you … Read more – “Steam isn’t our biggest competitor, piracy is”

In our recently conducted interview with, we covered a spread of issues, but one of the most interesting ones was how GOG felt about its closest competitor Steam. What followed wasn’t something we expected. When asked about Steam; referring to them as GOG’s closest competition, Trevor Longino, the PR Head of replied, “Actually, … Read more