Gun 2 Was Cancelled According To Neversoft President

Those who can recall Neversoft’s original Gun video game set in the old wild west. Turns out that Activision had approved for the development of Gun 2 but Neversoft decided to quit development and pick up on more Tony Hawk themed video games. Did they make the right decision or one that will haunt the … Read more

Call Of Duty Ghosts Invasion DLC Review

If Call of Duty’s last DLC was anything to go by then expectations were going to by high for the next DLC Invasion, which is the latest DLC for the first person shoot ’em up. But despite the success of the earlier DLC, the new one is crap by all standards. It is so bad it is not … Read more

Call of Duty Ghosts: Devastation DLC Review

If there’s one thing that the creator’s of Call of Duty Ghosts’ Extinction mode, Neversoft were criticized for, it was lacking replay value. After completing past Extinction missions such as Point of Contact, set in a destroyed Colorado, and Nightfall which is set in a abandoned installation; players generally found that they didn’t want to replay extinction as there wasn’t much in … Read more

Neversoft Development Studio Officially Closes

Neversoft have officially closed their doors after it was announced that the development studio was merging with Infinity Ward. The development studio Neversoft is most well known for their work on Tony Hawk’s video games and Guitar Hero. Now the studio has officially closed their doors and became apart of Infinity Ward. To end their … Read more

Infinity Ward and Neversoft Merging “Super Studio”

A memo obtained by Giant Bomb, Eric Hirshberg CEO of Activision, confirmed that Neversoft and Infinity Ward will merge into  a “super-studio”. Neversoft  previously helped Infinity Ward developed Call of Duty: Ghosts. Now it would seem that the development studios has came through with a decision, Infinity Ward will keep its name, but “Neversoft” will be no  more. Not only … Read more

New Call of Duty MW4 Poster Reveal Four Studios Working On It

We all know this was coming. Considering Activision released a new Call of Duty every year. Insomnia’s Psycho_Warhead  has spotted a new poster hinting incoming announcement/reveal for the next Call of Duty March 21st (Supposedly today). Not only that, the poster also revealed four studios are working on the next Call of Duty: Infinity Ward, Raven Software, Sledgehammer Games and Neversoft. … Read more