Gun 2 Was Cancelled According To Neversoft President

Those who can recall Neversoft’s original Gun video game set in the old wild west. Turns out that Activision had approved for the development of Gun 2 but Neversoft decided to quit development and pick up on more Tony Hawk themed video games. Did they make the right decision or one that will haunt the development studio?

Neversoft is now defunct but during it’s heyday, the studio whipped out several video games ranging from Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk to even Gun. During an interview with Game Informer, founder and former president of Neversoft studio, Joel Jewitt revealed that the development studio decided to quit development of Gun 2 for Tony Hawk themed video games but it might have saved the studio if they decided to take the wild west route.

The main reason Neversoft never developed Gun 2 was that the studio was understaffed. Apparently, there manpower to make Gun 2 wasn’t present and with the move to the Xbox 360, Neversoft decided to focus all their time and energy in making more skateboard themed video games.

Although, Jewitt admits that he felt there was a big demand coming for another wild west themed video game.

We thought there was going to be this big demand out there [for a Wild West game]. Quite frankly, I think we were right and I thank the guys at Rockstar for, in my opinion, proving us right.

So it makes you wonder, if Neversoft could have created something similar to Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption, would they now be defunct?