8 Classic Videogame Songs That Will Bring You Back to Your Childhood

Don’t worry, we’re not going to list the Mario Bros and Tetris.  We wouldn’t do you like that, but here are some other tracks from classic games that’ll transport you to a simpler time, before you had to worry about DLC, DRM, or micro-transactions. 8. Final Fantasy – The Prelude – NES (1987) Composer: Nubuo … Read more

New Wireless Adapter Enables PS4 Controller on Classic 8-Bit Nintendo Console

Analogue and 8Bitdo have recently partnered in order to bring us the latest accessory for a beloved 33 year old console. The Retro Receiver uses Bluetooth technology in order for gamers to use next gen controllers, along with any 8Bitdo controllers, to play on the original Nintendo Entertainment System.   Some of the specs for this adapter include: Additional buttons mapped … Read more

5 Ways In Which Modern Gaming Still Hasn’t Caught Up To The Classics

Forget about the terrible graphics (although revolutionary at the time), the dodgy (yet incredibly catchy) music, and the questionable substances that half of the developers must have been taking at the time they came up some of these games, and let us delve into 5 reasons that the classics are still ahead of the game. 1. … Read more

Four Movies That Should Be Turned Into Video Games

There have been a lot of movies based on video games. There is the upcoming Uncharted movie, world of Warcraft and some other video game movie that Uwe Boll is going to direct. For whatever reason, video game movies do not work well. It is hard to truly understand why this is. Some might say … Read more