Metal Gear Survive caught reusing old Metal Gear Solid 5 map

When Metal Gear Survive was confirmed, the first facet of intelectual property in Konami’s series not guided by the direction of Hideo Kojima, it was met with a confused if not incredibly curious reception. Essentially, it seems, it’s a new Metal Gear but with zombies and featuring survival elements. It’s clear to see why some … Read more

Konami Receives Greatest Burn Of The Year At D.I.C.E Awards

Konami got a dose of its own medicine at the recently concluded D.I.C.E awards. You must already know how Konami sent its lawyers to the The Game Awards 2015 to prevent Hideo Kojima from attending the event and receiving his award for winning the Best Action Adventure Game (Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain). … Read more

Have Konami Approved A Metal Gear Solid Remake?

Konami haven’t had the best press recently. After shutting down the promising Silent Hill, rumors of their terrible work ethics and kicking Hideo Kojima to the curb, we aren’t surprised. However, they may find some redemption yet. An independent developer has been devoting their time to creating a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid … Read more

Hideo Kojima Has Officially Left Konami, To Start His Own Game Studio

The legendary Hideo Kojima has decided to leave behind Komani and strike out on his own as of December 15th. He was formerly the Vice President of Konami Digital Entertainment, but his relationship with the publisher has been strained in recent months. In October, Konami denied reports that Kojima was leaving and stated that he was … Read more

12 Videogame bosses you can’t beat no matter what you do

We all had those video game experiences where we threw or controller, screamed, swore and maybe sobbed a bit. Here are some of the most range inducing top hardest video game bosses ever that popped more than a few blood vessels. 12. Punch Out – Mike Tyson Starting off this list is the one and … Read more