Kojima reveals why he chose Sony to exclusively develop his first game

Hideo Kojima. Considered by many to be one of the greatest game developers of all time, Kojima has delivered countless innovations and surprises within the world of gaming. Most notable of these is his work on the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid franchise, a series that defined the action-adventure stealth genre. Having worked in the … Read more

Konami Receives Greatest Burn Of The Year At D.I.C.E Awards

Konami got a dose of its own medicine at the recently concluded D.I.C.E awards. You must already know how Konami sent its lawyers to the The Game Awards 2015 to prevent Hideo Kojima from attending the event and receiving his award for winning the Best Action Adventure Game (Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain). … Read more

Have Konami Approved A Metal Gear Solid Remake?

Konami haven’t had the best press recently. After shutting down the promising Silent Hill, rumors of their terrible work ethics and kicking Hideo Kojima to the curb, we aren’t surprised. However, they may find some redemption yet. An independent developer has been devoting their time to creating a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid … Read more

Hideo Kojima Has Officially Left Konami, To Start His Own Game Studio

The legendary Hideo Kojima has decided to leave behind Komani and strike out on his own as of December 15th. He was formerly the Vice President of Konami Digital Entertainment, but his relationship with the publisher has been strained in recent months. In October, Konami denied reports that Kojima was leaving and stated that he was … Read more

Konami Barred Hideo Kojima From Accepting Metal Gear Solid 5 Award

Hideo Kojima was supposed to attend the recently concluded Video Game Awards 2015 show as his latest game Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain won the best action/adventure game award on the show. However, Geoff Kneighly, the host of the show, made a shocking announcement that Hideo was not allowed to attend the award show … Read more

Silent Hills To Be Released Episodically?

Silent Hills, the next video game installment in the Silent Hill franchise, may be releasing episodically? Looks like Hideo Kojima is thinking about changing the way he releases the game after statements made during Konami showcase event at TGS. During the Tokyo Game Show event, Hideo Kojima was present along with his upcoming video game … Read more