MGS 5: The Phantom Pain Gets English Video

Konami has released three new direct-feed videos of the game’s intro and the specifically constructed TGS demo. The opening is in English, but the gameplay videos are in Japanese. Unlike the previous video these are games only without commentary and direct from the screen. The intro is mostly vague pronouncements and subtle character set ups … Read more

12 Minutes of Metal Gear Solid 5 Gameplay From TGS

At the Tokyo Game Show, on Sony’s stage Hideo Kojima was kind enough to show off Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Kojima is talking with two other people as the demo plays out trying to explain it. They are speaking in Japanese with no subtitles or translators so all we have is the … Read more

Metal Gear Solid 5 to Feature Fewer Cutscenes and No Camera Cuts

In an effort to leave behind some of his reputation, Hideo Kojima said that the next Metal Gear Solid game will contain fewer cutscenes. In addition the game will attempt the feat, whether gameplay or non-interactive cutscenes, to have one continuous camera shot. “We’re really rying to get the player perspective, so we’re not really … Read more

Kojima’s Fox Engine Vs Reality – Comparison

Kojima Production’s released a comparison chart showcasing their engine against real-life scenario (yes, you heard it right). They’ve posted two sets of pictures, one of which is the real office of the company, while the other one is an environment created using their latest Fox Engine. They’ve asked you to say which one is the … Read more

Kojima hiring for next Metal Gear Solid title

Kojima Production’s begun hiring for the next Metal Gear Solid title and has posted the first artwork from the next MGS game. “Big Boss wants you,” a dedicated recruiting portal declares, also referencing “the ‘next’ MGS” and “development without borders”. Kojipro is looking for engineers to work on “the latest Metal Gear Solid targeted for … Read more