Fortnite Is Back On iOS Thanks To A Loophole

Fortnite is technically back on iOS thanks to a loophole involving GeForce Now, allowing people to play on iPhones. The huge battle royale game was removed by Apple from the app store in August 2020. Since then, Apple and Epic Games have been embroiled in legal issues. But thanks to a closed beta for Nvidia’s … Read more

Monument Valley: Can Playing a Game Make You a Better Person?

Can a video game, for all it teaches us about strategy, storytelling and using our thumbs, teach us about human relationships? Is it possible for the video game to not only cover interesting topics like history, politics and fantasy, but also prompt a player to reflect on his or her personal capacity for creativity, communication, … Read more

I Am Alive To Release For The PS Store

        Ubisoft has announced today that the post-apocalyptic action-adventure game I Am Alive will be available April 4, 2012 in the PlayStation Store. The Companion app is a free download for IOS. PlayStation Plus can also look forward to a 20 percent off discount for the game. What do you guys think about this? … Read more