5 little-known Indie games you must play before you die

In the gaming world, it doesn’t matter who your developer is, or who’s backing your game. As long as your innovative, and make a great game that’s all that really matters. While Indie games are seeing an increase in popularity there are still a plethora of Indie titles that are often overlooked. These are 5 … Read more

6 Free Indie Games That Are Seriously Worth Playing

Now, we all enjoy playing the huge, extremely polished triple A titles like Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and Grand Theft Auto. Sometimes though, its nice to see what titles smaller studio’s have to offer, and to try something a little different. This list gives a variety of indie games for every type of player, … Read more

Uncanny Valley New Survivor Horror Indie Game

Uncanny Valley is an upcoming survivor horror game currently in development by Cowardly Creations. You get to explore a facility with multiple floors and buildings and some very interesting drawings. You play as a security guard exploring a remote facility to uncover the truth. The game will feature a new mechanic called “consequence system” ; where you’ll … Read more

Gaynor says PlayStation 4 has easier, better terms for indies

Steve Gaynor, Co-Founder of The Fullbright Company who developed ‘Gone Home’ believes that the parity clause of Xbox One gives PlayStation 4 an advantage of offering better terms for indie developers who are in a dilemma of which console to support. ID@Xbox has a parity clause which means some developers can’t bring their game on … Read more

Sony: “Every developer is a publisher”

Agostino Simonetta, Senior Account Manager of Publisher and Developer Relations at SCE Europe, revealed a few details on Sony’s viewpoint regarding self publishing. He said that self publishing on the PS4 can be fostered by providing a level playing field for developers by maintaining relationships and removing hurdles, and most importantly, treating developers as publishers. … Read more