Top 5 Of The Most Unique PC Gaming Keyboards

When it comes to choosing between PC gaming keyboards there are lots of features to keep an eye out for. You want one that’s going to be reliable, comfortable, and helps you be the very best at your games. Oh, and you want it to look the part too. What’s the point in having a … Read more

Sony Has No Plans Just Yet For PS4/PS Vita Bundle

Recently, Gamespot had the chance to chat with Sony marketing exec John Koller where the question was brought up on a Vita PS4 bundle. Unfortunately. there’s no plans quite yet on releasing a bundle. While John Koller likes the idea of releasing this bundle into the wild it’s just not on the table for talks … Read more

PS4 had the “Largest Console Launch in History”

The NPD Group has revealed the  PS4 is the  top selling next gen platform in November  for both hardware and software. During the press release, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America revealed the  PlayStation 4 was “the largest console launch in history, PlayStation 4 sales in North America and worldwide have been incredibly strong since … Read more

PS4 VS Xbox One: In-depth Comparison

Comparison of specs and other add-ons between the PS4 and Xbox One are abound after the reveal of Microsoft’s next gen console on May 21. Here is our take on it. Although the full details have not been revealed about the PS4, we can undertake a speculative comparison with the Xbox One. Hardware The first … Read more

PS4 Console teaser released, full reveal at E3

Sony has just revealed a video tease for the PS4. The video is titled, “Playstation 4 See it first at E3”.  It’s a short 39 second video showing the close-up shots of the hardware. Unfortunately, we will only get to see the full hardware for the first time at E3 on June 10th. Until then, check out … Read more

PS4’s hardware details revealed

At the GDC conference, Sony announced the exact PlayStation 4 specifications. Below is the list. CPU 64-bit x84 arch Low power consumption Low heat 8 cores, HW threads 2MiB L2-cache per 4 core group, 32kib I1 I/D-cache PlayStation Shader Language Similar to HLSL Allows featured BEYOND DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.0 GPU Tessellation, adding geometric … Read more

PlayStation 4 Announcement – All You Need To Know

Sony is supposed to announce The PlayStation 4 during it’s ‘Future of PlayStation’ conference tomorrow. The event where more than 1200 journalists and trade analysts have been invited to attend is said to be the world reveal of the hardware manufacturer’s next home console as well as giving us a glimpse of the future of … Read more