Fallout 4 Mod Turns Preston Garvey Into Roman Bellic

Tired of all the settlements that need your help? Isn’t there something you’d much rather do, like… bowling? I mean, it can get a bit stressful in the wasteland. Why not lighten things up with your cousin? With the aptly named ‘Preston Garvey as Roman Bellic‘ mod, you can bowl all day! Okay, so maybe … Read more

GTA IV Vs GTA V – Graphic Comparison

The image below shows just how much Rockstar has progressed in terms of visual upgrades with its latest entry into the GTA series. As you can see in the image below, Grand Theft Auto V looks leaps and bounds better than its predecessor and manages to impress us with its visual prowess. It’s amazing how … Read more

GTA IV/GTA V – Visual Comparison

Grand Theft Auto V is inbound. The gaming community is pretty hyped about it aided by the various improved features of the game compared to its predecessors. Also, the hype is also due to the enormous volume of the fan base that GTA has accumulated over the years. If we bring about a comparison between … Read more

GTA V Vs GTA IV Comparison Video

Check out this amazing comparison video between Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto IV. The game is in development for PS3 and is due to be out in Spring this year.