GTA IV/GTA V – Visual Comparison

Grand Theft Auto V is inbound. The gaming community is pretty hyped about it aided by the various improved features of the game compared to its predecessors. Also, the hype is also due to the enormous volume of the fan base that GTA has accumulated over the years.

If we bring about a comparison between GTA IV and GTA V, we see an amazing change in a small period of time in all aspects and particularly the visual department. Although the hardware is the same, i.e. the PS3, Rockstar has made vast improvements in the texture of the game and the graphics which is evident from the screens and trailers that have been released till now. We cannot begin to comprehend how much more will the next generation consoles usher-in in terms of visual extravaganza.

GTA V will be the first major title after GTA IV which was released in 2008. The game, as you all know, is a open world action adventure game which has curved out its own niche in a genre defining way. The world of the game is a continuation of the fictional universe that was introduced in GTA San Andreas. The game is touted as the biggest open world game yet and will concentrate on “the pursuit of the almighty dollar”. The game is slated to release on 17 September.

We, on account of visual comparison of GTA IV and GTA V, and also for your viewing pleasure, have compiled a series of images which are jaw dropping to say the least when we compare them in the same context, keeping in mind that they both are on the same platform.

View them below.












Here is the list of images that managed to capture our attention. Did they do the same to you? How far, do you think, has Rockstar come in terms of visual upgrades? Do let us know your opinion.

Thanks, GameInformer.