Fifa 14 Faces Vs PES 14 Faces – Difference

Konami has always tried to give a tough competition to EA with their Pro-Evolution Soccer. This image shows the difference between the player faces in FIFA 14 and Pro-Evolution Soccer 2014.

Gamer Girl uncovers the truth behind DLC…

The truth of all DLC’s. We think we can play the game with the basic weapons, but the other players seems to come up with loads of other weapons. Here gamer girls shows special weapon DLC is a must.

Bodybuilding Motivation – Gamers Vs Non-Gamers

Gamers have a different world to live in. They get their motivations in life from different gaming characters. This image shows the difference between gamers and non-gamers in getting bodybuilding motivation.

Cops – GTA IV Vs GTA V

The cops in the two versions of GTA are just opposite from each other. The GTA IV cops were just like kids while the GTA V cops are like auto-bots. This is an interesting image to check out.  

A Gamer’s Dating Advice

Gamers are an aggressive lot but only when they are playing video games. This comic strip is a perfect example of how they can botch things up in real life. Things aren’t as simple in real life as they are in video games. Pressing a button won’t do squat here. Especially when it comes to … Read more

Why Zelda Shouldn’t Mess With Link

In an alternate world, if Zelda shared such a horrible news with Link, the comic strip above might actually become believable. But the question is, did the falcon punch work or not? Hilarious right there.

Why I Play Video Games

Video games teaches us a lot of things. The characters of the video games are unreal yet we learn a lot from them. This image depicts this truth. I agree to this and what about you?