Faces When Playing Horror Games

Everyone has different facial expressions while playing horror games. Some people are really scared while others are less bothered. The image shows the different reaction of gamers while playing horror games. This is quite hilarious.

Evolution of Goku – All Forms

Goku has been evolving all the way with time. The image shows the evolution of Goku in all forms. Let us know which is your favorite form.

FPS Games in comparison

The FPS soldiers are different in every games. Here’s a comparison between four famous FPS games. The image shows the soldiers of  Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo and Team Fortress. The Team Fortress soldier tends to carry his medics along with him which is very hilarious in a sense.

Crysis Vs Far Cry 3

The image shows two blockbuster games by Crytek. Both of them have amazing graphics and scenarios. Make your choice from both of the games.

Gamer Girl Epic Fail

The scenario of DLC’s explained by gamer girl. This happens to us often. We need to pay more money for Downloadable Contents. The image shows how frustrated gamer girl is with the logic.

Evolution of Batman Logos

Here’s the list of the evolution of the Batman logo over the years. From 1940 to present its been a great change over.

Every RPG I’ve ever played…

Role playing games exposes the female to an extent. Its true that the male armors are different from female armors. The difference can be seen in the image.