10 stupid things you must never say to a female gamer

As a female that has been playing video games for most of my life, I have heard it all. Most of the items on the following list stem from my personal experiences as an online female gamer, but I am sure many people can relate to it on some level either personally or through friends … Read more

Keep Calm, Get A Gamer Girlfriend

Every gamer guy’s dream is to date a gamer girl. There is a popular saying in the gaming world that goes like “A couple that plays together, stays together” meaning that if a couple plays video games together, there relationship will last a long time. What gamer guy wouldn’t want a girlfriend that plays video … Read more

Gamer Girls

The first picture of some wanna-be gamer biting her headset wire in an attempt to look attractive. Slowly and slowly people start to add to the original picture by them then pretending to eat there consoles. Overall the last picture is the best in  my opinion, what do you think about this picture?

Gamer Girls vs Girl Who Plays Video Games

It still is a mystery to me why some girls do this, but they do. They’ll sit there rambling on and on about how they play video games, in reality they’re playing candy crush or some other mobile game. I don’t know what possesses them to do this but for some odd reason they think … Read more

Online Gaming from a “Gamer Girl” Perspective

When you first hear the term “gamer girl” what do people usually think of? It is the walking sandwich maker that knows how to hold a controller. Boys can’t help but flirt with her when her voice echoes on the other end of the server. It is the camera slore that posts a picture of … Read more