Online Gaming from a “Gamer Girl” Perspective

When you first hear the term “gamer girl” what do people usually think of?

It is the walking sandwich maker that knows how to hold a controller. Boys can’t help but flirt with her when her voice echoes on the other end of the server. It is the camera slore that posts a picture of ninety percent boob and five percent controller, on Facebook for likes. She must be a fat slob with potato chips in her moustache because she is at the top of the scoreboard. These are some of the common conceptions.

Well whatever you think this “gamer girl” is, we are here to rule the world and drive the male species to slavery. I know sandwiches are delicious but c’mon, that comeback is overused. I mean, couldn’t you guys ask for anything better like a steak dinner? Or maybe even some soup along with that bread with meat you want all the time.

Okay first of all, I have to get this off my chest. I hate the term “gamer girl”, I seriously hate that term because it has become some label. The term can be negative or positive, depending on how the person perceives gamer girls. Don’t ask me if I am a girl when I go in to a lobby, especially when my name has Miss/Lady/Girl in the Username. I will just say “no I’m actually a unicorn” and tape a hotdog to my forehead just so you will shut up.

I am in a Lady Clan that consists of over 30 girls, so this perspective is not only from me; it is also from the many other girls that I listen to. When we go into a lobby the response is usually mixed. The guys that we play against are either gentlemen or the spawn of extremely sexist Satan.

The words that these guys use against us are getting old, like we’ve heard the same crap over and over again, it is becoming ineffective. I would seriously be more offended if you called me a buttered toast. Just like every other person playing games online, we love to piss you off, that way we know we are doing better than you.

We girls don’t care if you have a better k/d ratio, get the last kill cam, or know how to do the helicopter. We are here to game and have fun, not to listen to people who don’t even know our names. The thesis here is, we play games for us, not you. We are actually nice people, but if you poke us with a stick, we will tear your face off. Kidding, but you get the point.

Obviously I have more to say, but I’m not going to give you my whole cake. Tell us what you think about this article and even ideas for the next one.

As an added bonus, here’s some of my favorite “gamer girl” memes from the internet; for the lolz.



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