Man cheering with fist in air

Smooya Screams Like Goat As Team Wins Clutch in Flashpoint

Flashpoint kicked off this month with a bang – or should I say scream – as pro players went head-to-head for their chance at winning the $1,000,000 USD prize pool. Owen “smooya” Butterfield plays for Chaos Esports Club in the newly founded Counter Strike: Global Offensive league Flashpoint. The highlight of the play-offs was when he … Read more

A crowded esports tournament

Here’s How Coronavirus Has Impacted Esports So Far

Over the last few months, coronavirus (COVID-19) has been spreading across the world, impacting early every single industry, including esports. In an effort to curb the spread of the virus, governments in many countries have begun to enact strict measures aimed at enforcing “social distancing”. This is a method that ensures people avoid prolonged close … Read more

Duncan Thorin Shields and Nikolaj Nyholm

Big Names in Esports Have Huge Twitter Argument

Virtual fists were flung as drama recently erupted across Twitter between the Esports Historian, Duncan “Thorin” Shields, and Astralis CEO, Nikolaj Nyholm. The story goes that Thorin and Nyholm got into an argument across social media because of some behind the scenes conversation, in which Thorin professes that Astralis had committed to being part of … Read more

Flashpoint Counter Strike League

Counter Strike Esports is Shaken Up With Radical Announcement

It looks like the esports industry is changing, with Counter Strike leading the way. A recently-revealed league structure is about to shake gamers to their core, with new additions such as $100,000 fines for ‘underperforming’. However, the creators believe that this is a ‘love letter’ to esports fans. Let’s take a look at exactly what’s … Read more