Final Fantasy VII Remake’s voice recording is almost complete

Yoshinori Kitase, who is the producer of Final Fantasy VII Remake, shared some good news with fans recently. He revealed that voice recording work for the game’s main storyline is almost complete. “Final Fantasy VII Remake requires hefty readiness,” Kitase said in an interview in this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation (via Siliconera). “The voice … Read more

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Feature a Full Cast of Voice Actors

In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, FF7 director Tetsuya Nomura and producer Yishinori Kitase have revealed that the remake is going to feature a full cast of voice actors, which means we’ll get to hear gems like this: When asked about whether dating events will be voiced too, Kitase said, “It would be impossible not to. … Read more

Final Fantasy VII HD Remake Gets First Proper Trailer

Square Enix gave us the first real look at its Final Fantasy VII remake at last night’s PlayStation Experience show and it’s shaping up to be one amazing game. The company also said that the PC port of Final Fantasy VII will be released later today. More reasons to rejoice for fans of the series. … Read more

Nomura on Final Fantasy VII remake But He’s Working On New Games

This week’s Famitsu features a special interview  with Tetsuya Nomura for Final Fantasy VII’s 15th . During the interview Tetsuya Nomura shares his thoughts on the game remake Here are some quotes from him: “I consider Kitase a worthy successor of Final Fantasy.” “The new Final Fantasy must overcome the Final Fantasy of the past.” “There are a lot of people who want a remake of Final … Read more