Square-Enix itself revealed Final Fantasy VII is the best FF in the series


Final Fantasy  is the best RPG franchise that ever created for many of us. Thus far, there are 14 Final Fantasy in the series, but when it come for the conclusion and the debate for which one is the best , well,  what don’t we take a little trip and  go over Square Enix annual shareholder meeting.

During Square Enix annual shareholder meeting CEO Yoichi Wada explained  that it would not remake the legendary RPG until it makes a brand new Final Fantasy game that “exceeds the quality” of Final Fantasy VII. This pretty much open our eyes and make it clear that FF VII is the best among them all.Let’s face it, Yoichi Wada can’t come up with a better story that can exceeds FF VII,  that’s why he is so unsure about making FF VII remake.

He even said If the team were to remake Final Fantasy VII , then the Final Fantasy franchise “would be done with”. From my point of view, they know they haven’t done something better that can surpass FF VII, that is why they are to  ambitious to make 1 sequel for FF 13 to see if it can top the series, unfortunately that is not the case.  He also indicate  “The new Final Fantasy must overcome the Final Fantasy of the past.” Which pretty much Referring to FF VII.

Perhaps this is why  FF  versus 13 development’s  taking so  long to complete. They’re experimenting  something new. They want to make this an amazing game to compete against FF VII story so people can stop whining about  FF VII remake.