Nomura on Final Fantasy VII remake But He’s Working On New Games

This week’s Famitsu features a special interview  with Tetsuya Nomura for Final Fantasy VII’s 15th .

During the interview Tetsuya Nomura shares his thoughts on the game remake

Here are some quotes from him:

  • “I consider Kitase a worthy successor of Final Fantasy.”
  • “The new Final Fantasy must overcome the Final Fantasy of the past.”
  • “There are a lot of people who want a remake of Final Fantasy VII. However, new titles take precedence. We work our hardest to make something that might be even better than Final Fantasy VII.”
  • “At first Yuffie was planned to be an outlaw. There were going to be wanted posters in the street of the opener, one for each of the people you’d become friends.”

Nomura also added

A new Final Fantasy games to surpass classic Final Fantasy titles and sees Yoshinori Kitase as the successor for the series. Final Fantasy Versus XIII (which  is one of the games Nomura is currently working on.)

stay tuned for more information.