A new open world game which lets you play as a escaped prisoner

Every now and then gamers want to explore the dark side in video games. While most titles force you play as the good guy, this new video game actually puts you in the shoes of an escaped prison inmate. Orange jumpsuit and all. SCUM is an Early Access, open-world-survival-prison-riot-simulator co-developed by Croteam and Gamepires. Set … Read more

You can eat your own dead body in this creepy new survival game

Ever considered auto-cannibalism as a method of survival? Probably not. At least I hope not. Regardless, in early access title The Wild Eight, you can do just that. After dying in game, your body stays in the same place, even after you re-spawn. This allows you to, well, eat your own corpse as a form … Read more

Rust’s XP system isn’t working, to be permanently removed soon

For such an ambitious game as Facepunch Studios’ Rust, some features of the game were destined to fall by the wayside. When Garry Newman and lead developer Maurino Berry originally conceived Rust as a multiplayer-based survival experience based upon an early clone of another popular online survival game, Day-Z, they needed that grind element to … Read more

Early access: How it should be implemented

Sony and Microsoft implementing a Steam-esque service on both consoles is a real possibility. Recently both Microsoft and Sony have been asked by numerous developers to add a¬†early access service, similar to what Steam already does. The fact that both consoles are mulling over early access means that if one was to go with it, … Read more