Don’t Starve Coming to PlayStation Vita

Klei Entertainment is bringing the game Don’t Starve alongside the he Reign of Giants expansion and all extra content to the PlayStation Vita entitled Don’t Starve: Giant Edition. Klei community manager Corey Rollins wrote that since its release on PlayStation 4, a lot of people expressed their wish to play the game on the go with their Vita, as such they … Read more

Don’t Starve DLC ‘Reign of Giants’ teaser out

If you’re looking for more science magic action with Wilson for Don’t Starve  then you’re in luck. Klei Entertainment has just released a new teaser for an upcoming DLC ‘Reign of Giants’. While the teaser doesn’t reveal much of anything but a giant roaring animal, it’s exciting to know the DLC will be releasing in … Read more

PS4: Free-To-Play Games List

The PlayStation 4 will come with a bevy of free-to-play titles for anyone who subscribes to PlayStation Plus service. Most of these titles will be available at the launch of the console. Sony is making every effort to ramp up its free-to-play offerings on PlayStation Network with the announcement of its next-gen console. Read the … Read more