Zombie Studios plans to run ‘Daylight’ at 1080p/60fps

The upcoming game titled Daylight, will be the first of many things for Zombie Studios. Daylight will be the developer’s first psychological horror game, using Unreal Engine 4, which has been utilized by very few developers. The Unreal Engine 4 will be used to make the game even scarier, not like any other horror game … Read more

Daylight Release Date For PlayStation 4 Revealed

Zombie Studios Daylight has just released the launch date for the PlayStation 4. Daylight is an upcoming survival horror video game that is played out in a first-person perspective. With the recently release date announcement, we have the latest features that will be coming along with the title and some screenshots. Daylight will be available … Read more

PS4: Daylight Will Capture Pictures Of Players When A Scare Happens

A fun feature was announced for Daylight, a psychological thriller/horror game for the PS4 from Zombie Studios. It will capture the exact moment a scare happens in the game using the PS Eye camera. You can keep these photos as a novelty or share them with your friends on PSN or social networks. Using the PS … Read more