Gamers Are Ripping Into Cortana Design For Halo TV Show

In what could be a new Sonic movie moment, gamers aren’t fans of the design for Cortana in the upcoming Halo TV show. The Halo TV series launches on Paramount+ in March this year. A new trailer for it dropped yesterday, showing off plenty of new footage including our first look at Cortana. However, Halo … Read more

Halo TV Series Release Date Revealed In Shiny New Trailer

A new trailer for the Halo TV series on Paramount+ has dropped, showing more of what we can expect from the show – and a release date. The Halo TV series has been teased with shorter clips, but this is the biggest trailer we’ve had so far. It shows a lot of new things, including … Read more

A Halo fan has turned Cortana into actual Hologram

You might think you’re a pretty big Halo fan, you might have all the games on your shelf, you might know your way around Blood Gulch with a blindfold on, maybe even had a few decent online rankings back in the day… but if you haven’t turned Cortana into an actual hologram, step aside. Cortana … Read more