PlayStation 4 Controller – New Leaked Image Appears

Another image showing the allegedly leaked PlayStation 4 controller has appeared online. The image looks like another shot of the leaked PS4 controller which appeared last night. Rumors state that the new PS4 controller is to feature a PS Vita like touch pad as well as redesigned analog sticks. The controller also houses a internal … Read more

Why the leaked PS4 Controller Concept Shouldn’t be real

A report on Destruction recently claimed that they’ve uncovered a real working prototype of the PlayStation 4 but we’ve come up with a pretty good reason as to why it shouldn’t be real. Because if it is, gamers wouldn’t be too impressed. The picture below will give you a proper idea about why we don’t … Read more

Update:This is the PlayStation 4 controller prototype it’s real

Update 2:   Another source has told IGN that the mysterious space in the middle of the controller can be pressed like a button, something Kotaku‘s source has also stated. Our separate source also indicates that the R2 and L2 buttons may actually be more in line with spring-loaded Xbox 360-like triggers and that the light atop … Read more

How to troll a PlayStation 3 Controller

It’s not easy to troll a PS3 controller, but it’s not impossible either. Check out the picture below to find out how a gamer managed to pull off this epic task. As you can see, something’s not right with the PS3 controller shown below. We’re laughing at what it looks like…

PS4 controller: new details revealed

According to VG247, the PS4 controller will include a front touch-pad. The new controller will have a ton of new features. The list of features can be viewed down below. Front touch-pad Input is on the front of the handset. Start and Select buttons moved Controller is “more or less” Same shape with Dualshock 3 Controller to have a … Read more

Edge Rumor – PlayStation 4 Revealed

The past 24 hours have seen a bevy of reports regarding Sony’s yet to be announced console – ‘The PlayStation 4’. The company released  a trailer tease about the Future of Paystation which will be announced on February the 20th. Development  source  with knowledge  who acquire the permission to witness something that is unprecedented  put a test on both next generation consoles, the … Read more

PS4 – Controller’s “SHARE” button Detailed

A new rumor about Sony’s PlayStation 4 states that the console will allow gamers to record and save upto 15 minutes of gameplay footage. It’ll also allow gamers to save and upload screenshots. It also claims that gamers will be able to record-edit-share the footage with their friends and on social media websites. Another interesting … Read more