Girl Gamers are taking over Call of Duty: Ghosts

Okay so it is official that Call of Duty has pretty much taken over the world. Not only have they captured the minds of prepubescent boys, but they have also taken the interests of females all around the world. Activision has already confirmed that the upcoming Call of Duty is going to have customizable characters. … Read more

The Most Badass GTA Characters Ever

The popularity that the Grand Theft Auto series attained is in many ways a product of the mass fan following the unique characters that were introduced in the games of the series received. Each of the main protagonists of the multitude of games in GTA have achieved the aforementioned fame in their own rights. We … Read more

PS Vita: Freedom Wars Screenshots, Details, And Trailer

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan just partly unveiled the game that was previously identified as “Panopticon“. It’s a multiplayer “rescue” action game to be released in 2014, now officially titled Freedom Wars. The game is in development at Sony Japan Studio exclusively for PS Vita. The title’s story brings us to a devastated Earth in the near future (PT … Read more