Report Says PS4 Now Cheaper Than Xbox One in Brazil

According to Brazilian news website Jornal VDD, Sony has managed to lower the price of the PS4 after some dealing with the Brazilian government. The PlayStation 4 is now priced, supposedly, at R $1,999 (about US $909.13) down from the original announced price of R $3,999 (about $1,850). By contrast the Xbox One’s price is … Read more

63% of Brazilian PS4 Cost Are Import Fees and Taxes

Last week Sony announced that the Brazilian PlayStation 4 will cost the equivalent of $1,800. Fans, were to say the least, not happy. Sony returned to the PlayStation Blog with a message: “We heard you.” Sony’s General Manager for Latin America Mark Stanley acknowledged the price wasn’t good for anybody. It wasn’t good for the … Read more

PlayStation 4 Priced at $1,850 in Brazil

According to the Brazilian PlayStation Blog, the local pricing for the next PlayStation console will go for R$3,999. With the current exchange rate that translates into $1,850 US. The games themselves will cost R$179 or about $82 US, which is still cheaper than in Australia. A while back we reported that analysts though that the … Read more