Report Says PS4 Now Cheaper Than Xbox One in Brazil

According to Brazilian news website Jornal VDD, Sony has managed to lower the price of the PS4 after some dealing with the Brazilian government. The PlayStation 4 is now priced, supposedly, at R $1,999 (about US $909.13) down from the original announced price of R $3,999 (about $1,850). By contrast the Xbox One’s price is R $2,199 (About US $1,000).

The Jornal VDD noted that the Brazilian government and Sony reached an agreement to lower the price for the countries consumers. Sony will manufacture the power supply and one part of the console locally to avoid import costs. It’s still pretty pricey and out of the range of many, but it is a damn sight better at half the original price. Though, be warned. Sony has not yet confirmed this.

The PlayStation 4 will launch in Brazil on November 29th.

(via Gameranx)