PlayStation 4 Priced at $1,850 in Brazil

According to the Brazilian PlayStation Blog, the local pricing for the next PlayStation console will go for R$3,999. With the current exchange rate that translates into $1,850 US. The games themselves will cost R$179 or about $82 US, which is still cheaper than in Australia.

A while back we reported that analysts though that the PlayStation 4 would cost over $1000 in Brazil, now it looks like they low balled it. It isn’t just that it is price is more expensive, but when looking at the average age in a developing nation like Brazil it is an unimaginative expense. The average monthly salary as of 2010 was $678.90 a month.

Presumably, if you lived in Brazil, it would be cheaper to pay someone in the US or Europe to buy you one there and ship it to you.