New Information on Battlefield 4

EA and EB Games have recently teamed up in Australia, to host a live Battlefield 4 demo for 100 lucky fans and of course the media. At the event, they showed the 17-minute gameplay clip from earlier this year, and even clips from the ‘Angry Sea’ mission. During the Q&A session, Marketing Director of EA … Read more

Next-Gen’s Most Pre-Ordered Game goes to Battlefield 4

The PS4 and Xbox One will be coming out this holiday, and Battlefield 4 is so far the most pre-ordered game for both consoles. It seems that the EA series is becoming more popular, even reigning over its nemesis Call of Duty: Ghosts. VGChartz has been keeping track of all pre-orders, showing that Battlefield 4 … Read more

Battlefield 4 Announced For PS4 Plus Everything We Know So Far

On the Battlefield 4 Facebook page, the game was announced for the PS4. Not much has been revealed about the upcoming game, but you can read the list of things we know so far. You can also pre-order the game here. Battlefield 4 is built on Frostbite 3, a new version of DICE’s engine that … Read more

Battlefield 4 might run at 60 fps on PS4

If you are fan of Call of Duty’s graphics with a vivid 60 frames-per-second first person shooter, the next Battlefield 4 should run the same 60 fps on the upcoming PS4 console according to their creative director. “It’s hard to say. The demo today, for example, on PC ran in 60fps. We’re still finding out … Read more

DICE is being quiet about Battlefield 4 coming to the PS4

Yesterday, the Battlefield 4 trailer was revealed with an amazing 14 minutes of gameplay. The developer DICE did say the game will be available on the PS3, but did not say if it is going to be available on the upcoming console PS4. “When we built this engine, I think we already felt when we … Read more