DICE Returns the Pre-Game Party Up Feature for Battlefield 4

Many online first person shooter games such as Call of Duty, Halo, and others have features that allow players to party up with their friends before going into a match. Currently, Battlefield 4 does not have that ability, so players have had trouble sticking with their friends in a lobby. The developers of DICE announced … Read more

Shortcut Kits Now Available on Battlefield 4 for a Limited Time

DICE is having a Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month and to honor their players, they are giving away shortcuts kits, that gives players access to weapons that weren’t available before. They are free, as of now, so get yours as soon as possible because this offer has a limited time. February 18 to February 24 … Read more

BF4 Sniper Logic

If you’ve ever played Battlefield 4 and you’ve learned anything It’s that you will almost never get a team that goes along and actually plays the games as well as collaborates with the other players on the team. They never play there role correct, and often just mess around. Now we’re not saying that all … Read more

Sometimes You Need Reminders..

Sometimes you need reminders that you actually have a girlfriend, don’t ask me how you got one but you do. What this clever fella did was take a photo strip of his girlfriend and him and place it in the Battlefield 4 case to remind him that he actually had one. With the amount of … Read more

What the Battlelog Feature does for Battlefield 4 Video

The developers of Battlefield 4 shows us how we can be more interactive with the upcoming Battlefield 4 game, and you won’t even have to be on a console. If the user has a tablet or smart phone, they can access their BF4 information,customize their loadout classes using any of the previously listed technology, and … Read more