BREAKING: Avengers 4 Trailer Has Officially Dropped

Dropping like Gamora from a cliff on Vormir, the Avengers 4 trailer is finally here. It seems like an eternity since Josh Brolin’s Thanos wiped half of our favourite members of the Avengers from the face of the galaxy, but now the countdown to the movie of the decade can officially begin. You won’t have to be … Read more

There’s A Fan Theory About Groot’s Real Name And It Makes So Much Sense

When it comes to fan theories, there’s some incredibly complex, hard to get your head around, insanely intricate offerings. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s also others that are straight forward and uncomplicated. This is one of latter. Reddit user redz191 posted a very simple message into the r/ fan theories group: “In Avengers: Infinity … Read more

Avengers: Infinity War Directors Reveal Most Emotional Scene To Film

The Rosso brothers have revealed what was the most emotional part of Avengers: Infinity War to film, and believe it or not – it wasn’t the Peter Parker bit. Yes, the directors spoke after a Collider screening of the last Avengers film, followed up by a Q&A. In case you don’t already know their names … Read more

Avengers: Infinity War Directors Reveal How Thanos Beat The Hulk

The Russo brothers have finally answered exactly how Thanos beat the Hulk. They were attending a special screening of Avengers: Infinity War, before getting involved with a Q&A session. The directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, finally revealed the reason behind Thanos beating the Hulk – was it his own power, or that of the Power … Read more

Avengers: Infinity War Director Reveals Loki Is Actually Dead

Okay, so I hear you. Loki has come back from the dead more times that I’ve had hot dinners, but according to the Infinity War directors, there’s no resurrection scene coming up for our favourite mischievous anti-hero, ever, again. While at a recent Infinity War live Q&A screening with the The Russo Brothers, film writer … Read more

Here Is Every Upcoming Marvel Movie Stan Lee Will Appear In

The world is in mourning following the death of 95-year-old comic book legend, Stan Lee, who passed away earlier this month. His creations and work over the years have earned him celebrity status, with millions of fans across the world thanking him for creating the likes of Doctor Strange, Ant-Man and – of course – Spider-Man. Lee’s cameo appearances … Read more