Massive Avengers 4 Leak Reveals More Information About The Upcoming Movie

Surely we don’t have to say this, but POTENTIAL MAJOR AVENGERS 4 SPOILERS AHEAD!

We might still have a bit of a wait until the release of Avengers 4, but we already know quite a bit about what we can expect.

This comes very soon after fans thought that Chris Evans ruined the ending!

There are some cliffhangers and some mysteries that need exploring a little further, and while we can be pretty sure the fourth Avengers movie will touch on things like the return of Peter Parker, when it comes to the plot we’re relying on leaks, and this one is pretty intense…

Credit: Marvel

A post has cropped up on the Marvel Studios Spoilers Reddit [via GamesRadar] that’s certainly getting a lot of attention, because the user is claiming to be in contact with some folks over at Disney.

In the pretty detailed post, the user – know as – Extension_Mistake – says: “The ‘quantum realm suits’ In IW Tony deploys the Iron Spider suit for Peter as an emergency protocol. He ultimately trusts and believes in Peter as a hero. The same goes for all of his friends. Now that he’s faced something that none of them were able to defeat, it’s now The Standard.

“Basically you should be extremely weary [sic] of what you think you know. They control the leaks. Remember when we got the scene of Thanos on Knowhere. Think about how that played out on release. A lot of this same stuff is happening with the ‘leaks’ you’ve seen so far.”

The user also goes on to state the movie won’t rely on time travel, but instead will explore “shifting through parallel dimensions.”

Credit: Marvel

We’re told to expect Easter eggs spanning a whole 10 years of the MCU, and apparently “almost everyone who was even in a supporting role comes back and often plays a completely different role in their universe than the one we originally saw them in.”

Sounds interesting!

Offering up even more tidbits, the Redditer drops in that Doctor Strange will “go back in time and cause his car crash,” and from there it gets even more crazy.

The post states: “For IW initially Rocket was going to get dusted and Groot would survive. In A4 we’d return to most of the crew operating out of Wakanda, everyone would be able to speak Groot, he would actually be super smart having aged a few years and realizing his responsibilities as a hero to work closely with Bruce, Shuri, and Tony. Ultimately this seemed to [sic] lighthearted and got scrapped.”

There’s a lot more to the post – and the entire thread – which you can read in full here. Consider yourself spoiler-warned though!

Credit: Marvel

This – and many other supposed leaks – aren’t impressing folks on Twitter though, with lots of people claiming the news is 100% fake.

Even though we’re yet to find out just how genuine this info might be, there’s definitely a lot of logic behind the claims. I guess only time will tell how true this info is…

What do you think about the Reddit post? Real or fake? Would you like to see parallel worlds in Avengers 4?