The Switch’s Built-in Memory Is Already Too Small For One of Its Launch Titles

Come on, Nintendo. Get it together.

Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch, is scheduled for release in just over a week. Like the other current gen consoles, the Switch boasts vastly improved graphics, innovative games, and advanced hardware. However, the Switch lacks what the Xbox One and PS4 have plenty of- built in storage. The Xbox One comes with either a 500 GB or 1TB hard drive and the PS4 is equipped with 500 GB of storage. The Switch? It only has 32 GB of base storage- and 4 GB of that 32 goes to storing the Switch’s operating system.

Credit: Nintendo

Crazy, right?


The Switch’s built in storage is actually so small that one of the console’s headlining titles in Japan won’t fit without a storage upgrade. Dragon Quest Heroes (I & II) tips in at 32 GB, the exact size of the Switch’s drive without the OS installed (which you need to play the game anyways).

Credit: Nintendo

Fortunately, upgrading the Switch’s memory is super easy. Nintendo’s newest console comes equipped to handle upgrades through MicroSD cards, a medium of storage that can be bought at pretty much any tech store (or even just a Target). Even better, the Switch already supports the 2TB MicroSD, a chip that hasn’t even come out yet. The upgrades will cost you a little extra, but the ease of adding more storage make up for the lack of disk space available on the base Switch.