Streamer gets Police called on him for screaming while playing Dead by Daylight

In a bizarre incident, a streamer was handcuffed by a cop while playing Dead by Daylight.

Gamer and YouTuber Icini was playing the horror game with his friends until he started screaming like a girl, which led to the police being called by his neighbors.


An officer arrived soon asking the streamer to open the door. The police officer, who thought that someone was being hurt, inquired the reason behind the screams. Icini then explained to the officer that he was just playing a horror game with his friends. He even increased the volume of his speakers to prove that we was not lying.

He, however, was handcuffed during the whole of the conversation even though the officer got to know the truth after seeing his setup. After some more interrogations, the police officer left the streamer’s house. The whole incident was recorded by the camera.


The video of the whole incident was uploaded in YouTube by Icini, with the following description.

“I still can’t believe someone (I am pretty sure I know who) called the cops. I understand why, because of my very loud girly screams, but WOW. I have never been in handcuffs until now. I am glad the cop was pretty good about it all at least. What I don’t understand is he could hear everything I was saying into the mic, and still insisted that I would be handcuffed, and then re-handcuffed in the room when he saw my setup. I guess it is for both our safety, but he is the one with the weapons. But it all turned out alright and I got a cool video out of it. hahaha”

You have a look at the full video below:

YouTube video