Square Enix Announces Life is Strange

Today on the Square Enix blog, the studio has announced a new title coming down the pipeline known as Life is Strange. An upcoming digital release that will follow episodic downloads.

Life is Strange is being published through Square Enix and developed by DONTNOD, developers of the Remember Me video game. This will be a digital download video game but will have episodic downloads periodically.

Max Caulfield has been absent from Arcadia Bay, Oregon for five years now. Upon returning home she discovers that Rachel Amber, a fellow senior at school, has disappeared under mysterious and rather uncomfortable circumstances. While trying to uncover the truth Max reunites with an old friend, Chloe, and makes a startling discovery: Max has the power to rewind time…

Thus begins the story for a game that everyone here at Square Enix has fallen in love with. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Life is Strange is something entirely different – we’ve teamed up with DONTNOD Entertainment (the guys and girls behind ‘Remember Me’) and they’ve delivered some amazing stuff. Each and every texture in Life is Strange is a hand drawn work of art and every action enacts a butterfly effect – but with the power to rewind time, what would you change? And would it turn out to be a change for the better or worse?

So it seems that Square Enix and DONTNOD has a game that will change according to how gamers play but we don’t have any details as to how much choice players will have throughout the game and how far a players choice will affect the gameplay story.


With no set release date, Life is Strange will be releasing on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.