Spiderman dev reveals why game won’t run at Native 4K or 60FPS on the PS4 Pro

Spider-Man’s breathtaking gameplay impressed everyone during E3 2017 and the game is bound to test the limits of PS4 Pro. The fans have been very curious about the technical aspects of the game and have been throwing a lot of questions at the game’s developer, but their replies haven’t been very satisfying.

One fan asked Insomniac Games whether the game would run in native 4K on PS4 Pro or not to which Insomniac Games replied that it will run on 4K via ‘temporal injection’. If you are not aware, ‘temporal injection’ is a process of taking a game to 4K from 1080p. This means that the game will not run on native 4K.

Another fan asked the developers if it would be possible to take the game down to 1080p but run at 60 fps. Insomniac Games replied that it is not an option because PS4 Pro can’t handle it.

Insomniac Games also gave the fans some new information regarding gameplay:

Spider-Man is expected to release sometime during the early 2018.