Devs remove single tree from videogame, just for one guy

InRising Storm 2: Vietnam there’s a particular tree that was really cramping one player’s style, so he made a post about it, asking the devs if they could just get rid of the tree.

The lone tree stood on its own, didn’t provide any cover, didn’t really need to be there… but the player would constantly try to use that area to sneak through in a helicopter and would keep forgetting the tree is there, and crashing into it.

The player said their favorite role, by far, in this entire game is flying a Huey. They found a great landing zone with tree cover, but it’s close to an objective so they often get hit with fire while approaching, but tactically they’ve figured out the perfect way to get their crew unloaded – the only problem is that tree is in the way.

They reached out to the devs in a reddit post to plead their case, saying “This is a complete non-issue and personal to me in every way as a pilot; but can you please remove this specific tree Tripwire?”

The user went on to further explain their frustrations:

“It’s such a small issue I know. Like this one tree in some irrelevant part of one map but it serves no purpose. It’s too small and thin for cover, it’s directly in the middle of a big pathway from the river. Replace it with a rock or something that won’t snap my blades in half.”

In the image above, you can see their most recent downed chopper, one again falling victim to the lonely tree.

Sure enough, a couple of weeks later, there was an update to the game. There were a few updates to the maps, like adding some more cover to one map, extending the artillery protection in another, changing around the lighting… and one more thing:

The patch notes actually said “Removed one specific tree from the landing zone in An Lao Valley, per a request from reddit user SprayAndPray. We agree with you, sir!”

This just goes to show you that it never hurts to ask.