Spider-Man: No Way Home Blu-Ray Will Have 100 Minutes Of Unseen Footage

Warning: Spoilers For Spider-Man: No Way Home!

Spider-Man: No Way Home has come and left, leaving in its wake a huge box office gain and one of the biggest films to release after the start of the pandemic. Now that we’re approaching the home release of the film, all eyes are on the potential special features it may have. According to an insider, the potential could be huge.

Insider Amit Chaudhari has revealed a list of bonus content that include. One example is a four minute extended scene of Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire just hanging out. There’re also multiple panels, one of which appears to be a discussion between the three Spider-Men (Spider-Man’s? Spider-Mi?) that wasn’t previously released to the public, alongside one of the villains that was.

There’re also deleted scenes with Matt Murdock, and some Daily Bugle featurettes. Hopefully, they’ll feature the one and only J.K Simmons in his role as J Jonah Jameson. It’s unclear whether the fun TikTok’s featuring Betty Brant and Simmons alongside other members of the cast will be included on the release.

Credit: Sony Pictures/Disney

It’s been quite the ride making it to Spider-Man: No Way Home. Rumours persisted for years that the movie would have three Spider-Men teaming up against a whole host of villains. When the movie finally released, fans got to see their wish fulfilled. The upcoming Blu-Ray wo;; make them (and indeed, me) incredibly happy to see that there’s more footage to be watched.

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