Sony Working on Subscription For PlayStation Now

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Now is going to open beta starting tomorrow July 31, 2014 for those in North America. Though when it comes to a subscription service for gamers on PlayStation Now, Sony is still working on the fine details so it would seem these games will be rentals only for the time being.

For those who are unaware of PlayStation Now, the service is Sony’s answer to gamers who wish to play PlayStation 3 video games on the latest PlayStation 4 console. Since the console doesn’t offer a way to play previous video games on the PlayStation 4, Sony is bringing a service in which gamers can play their favorite PS3 titles directly from streaming off their cloud.

IGN had the chance to talk with PlayStation Now Senior Director Jack Buser. According to Jack, the open-beta will open strong as over 50 video game developers have signed on for the beta. Currently over 100 PlayStation 3 video games will be available for rent or rent-to-own.

When asked about a subscription type service gamers could get into instead of having to rent each game, Jack Buser admitted that Sony is interested in the idea but there’s no information yet to be released. The only word we got from Jack is that Sony is working incredibly hard to bring some type of a subscription service available to gamers.