Sony says they’re all about getting good games to the gamers

With the PlayStation 4 announced, Sony revealed how they will  bring more indies to the PS4 . If the PS4 vision’s reached  the path  Sony is aiming for, everything will be up to consumers.  According to Sony VP of Publisher and Developer Relations Adam Boyes, PlayStation 4 will always be about the games.

“The way I look at it, is that PlayStation is and always has been about gamers, and has not always been about developers, but we are now. I use the analogy, if you’re a developer, and you want your content to be seen by the most amount of people, it’s easy to think ‘I’ll just go to Times Square with my guitar and play music, and that’s the most amount of people.’

“The way we look at PlayStation, we’re creating this amazing concert auditorium that’s filled with people who are looking for music. They’re looking for games, right? So when people put their content out there, it’s the most focused audience of people. So that’s the big thing I say.”

Source: NowGamer