Sony Removes “World’s Fastest Platinum Trophy” Game From PSN

PlayStation trophy seekers got a charming shock on Tuesday when a game titled “★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated” that claimed to have the speediest Platinum trophy ever made its way onto PSN.

Sony’s certification procedure has become more flexible compared to the past. This being the case, developers could potentially exploit the process. As a result, they may find their way to the marketplace even if they do not meet the criteria.

However, the company rushed to take down the so-called game. It even requested the developer change the name of it and remove any mention of trophies in its description.

The indie title “★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated” publicized it had the “least demanding PS4 Platinum Trophy”. It also guaranteed the accomplishment should be possible in only 20 minutes.

More or less, it’s an accumulation of 4K wallpapers transformed into interactive tile puzzles that can be easily solved by the user. Taking everything into consideration, it appears the game was only a promotion for the company’s Facebook page.

Hopefully, PlayStation can take this as a lesson and make their regulation stricter over new game releases from small developers.