Sony: PS4’s GPU handles more than conventional graphics

This one is for the gamers who like to hear the technical aspects of console technology.

During his visit to Gamelab 2013, PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny spoke in detail about the technical aspects of the PS4 and primarily on the high-performance GPU.

“We have worked hard to ensure that the console has a rich feature set, which will allow it to grow over the years and support the overall evolution of gaming. And our work there on that rich feature was to focus on making sure that for those teams that were interested in investing time, the GPU could be used for far more conventional graphics. Principally, we enhanced the GPU to make the use of asynchronous fine grained compute practical on the platform. So the asynchronous refers to the GPU doing many tasks which is not directly related to graphics.”

According to Cerny, developers will be able to achieve great things with the PS4 if they succeed in tapping its true potential. He added,”Physics simulation, collision detection, ray casting for audio, decompression and the like. And these operations are fine grained meaning that there will be many small world simulation tasks running on the GPU simultaneously alongside rendering of the game scenes. So the concept is that as game developers learn to use these techniques later on in the console life cycle, we will see richer and even more interactive worlds.”

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