Sony Dropping Out Of E3 Means Microsoft Is ‘Going Big’ This Year

When Sony announced last year that it wouldn’t be making an appearance at E3 2019 it left the gaming community pretty surprised.

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft seems to have taken the news in its stride though and it looks like we can expect some pretty huge things at E3 later this year.

Credit: Microsoft

Xbox top dog Phil Spencer recently spoke on Major Nelson’s podcast and he hinted at what we can expect to see [via Unilad].

Spencer said: “There was some news about E3 back in the fall. We had a discussion internally about, ‘Should we go big?’ ‘Should we save some money?’ ‘What does that mean?’ We decided, no [we’re not going to save money], we’re going to do our thing. We’re going to go and be as big at E3 as we’ve ever been. I love that opportunity.”

Spencer went on to add that along with an exciting games line-up, we can also expect more of a focus on Xbox as a brand and not just a console.

Credit: Microsoft

This comment makes perfect sense, as Microsoft has mentioned before that it’s working on everything from multiple next-gen consoles (including Project xCloud, a streaming-only games console) to a potential cross-play deal with Valve and Steam.

Whatever the Xbox squad pull out of the bag at E3 you can sure it’s going to jaw-droppingly impressive.

Are you excited for Microsoft at E3’s 2019 conference, or are you still mourning the loss of Sony?

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft.