Sony is Aware of PS4 2.00 Firmware Problems

Recently Sony released a firmware update for their PlayStation 4 console. The update brought the console up to 2.00 and it offered a number of different features such as the Share Play function that allowed players to enjoy a video game that is owned by a friend, to the ability of changing up the themes on your home screens. Though since the release, there has been a few issues that gamers are experiencing. Sony has made note that they are aware of the problems and are at work on fixing them.

With the 2.00 firmware update, PS4 owners are finding that the PlayStation 4 is having a boot up errors to even log-in issues. Sony has noted earlier this week on the official PlayStation Twitter account the following:

We’re aware of issues happening post PS4 2.00 firmware, including some freezes and boot errors. Working to resolve ASAP, will update soon.

For now we will have to sit tight and wait for a fix. Are you experiencing any issues since the firmware update? We will keep you posted on the very latest right here on PlayStation Gang.