Sony Answers PS4 Controller Questions Regarding the Light Bar and USB Port Placement

President of Sony Computer Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida has been very cooperative in answering questions from the many fans of twitter. He has answered questions in the past about the PS Vita Remote Play, Slimy PS3 controllers, and many more.

A recent question that was asked is if users can turn off the Light Bar that is located on front of the PS4 Controller. The President replied with a simple, “no”


This light bar takes up a good portion of the controller so many have come into conclusion that it will be a battery sucker. We do find it strange that the light can’t turn off. The light being on or off will be based on the games that are being played, just like in the upcoming Killzone: Shadow Fall it will show the players health. Maybe later on down the road; Sony will consider consumer ideas and let the players choose when they want the light on/off.

Another question that was asked is why the USB port is located in the front of the controller (right under the light bar) instead of the back. Shuhei explains their decision for the front by replying, “You need to be able to reach them easily to recharge [DualShock 4].”

How do you react to knowing that the light bar is always on and the USB port will be in the front?