Sony is 85% Done With Project Morpheus

We have seen a ton for Sony’s upcoming 3D headset known as Project Morpheus though each time Sony brings the headset out the company gave no word as to when gamers can get their hands on the device. Now, thanks to an interview from Shuhei Yoshida in The Wall Street Journal, we finally get some insight as to when we may see Project Morpheus in market.

The Wall Street Journal interviewed Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony Worldwide Studios, in which he discussed the work on Project Morpheus. According to Yoshida, Project Morpheus is currently 85% done but there are still a lot more development work to be completed before it will get a release.

So we may not have a specific release date, we do know that Sony is gearing towards the end of development on Project Morpheus. We’re very interested in seeing how well the system takes off and the price point it will be released for. We can look at the Oculus Rift in which test-kits are currently on sale for $350 but until we see the completed device of Project Morpheus, we can’t say for sure if the headset will be close to that price tag or not.